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Funeral wreath with bow: dignified souvenir on the day of the funeral

Order a funeral wreath online - with or without a bow

In times of loss and grief, when words seem inadequate, funeral wreaths emerge as a touching expression of compassion, remembrance and comfort. At FlorAmor we understand the importance of these moments and offer funeral wreaths that carry respect, love and the lasting impact of a life well lived.

Funeral wreaths are more than just flower arrangements; they are profound reminders of the departed souls. Each wreath is carefully designed to embrace the beauty of life and the memories shared. These circular arrangements symbolize eternity and remind us that the love and memories we hold remain unbroken.

Correct words for the bow - funeral wreath sayings

Funeral wreaths are not fleeting gestures; they are memories that can bring comfort for years to come. Many families choose to keep a dried wreath as a lasting reminder of their loved one. These wreaths become a treasured keepsake and embody the enduring connection between the living and the departed. Finding the right funeral wreath saying completes a dignified keepsake.

Funeral wreath ribbon lettering

The ribbon label is of great importance, as it is the farewell words to your loved ones. Take your time to think about which words you would like to express. We will be happy to advise you and give you suggestions for funeral wreath sayings!

Sending a funeral wreath is not just a gesture; it is a hug of support for the grieving family. It shows that you are by their side in their time of grief, offering comfort and empathy when they need it most. Funeral wreaths convey a message of solidarity and shared suffering.

Different styles - funeral wreath heart, round or modern

Whether you want it to be a heart-shaped mourning wreath, round or modern is entirely up to you. Every flower in a funeral wreath also carries symbolism.

Lilies symbolize the restored innocence of the deceased, while roses represent love and admiration. Chrysanthemums represent truth, and carnations convey deep love and devotion. These carefully selected flowers weave a story of the virtues and qualities that defined the deceased person.

Throughout history, funeral wreaths have been part of the funeral rituals of various cultures. They transcend time and tradition and provide a universal symbol of honor and remembrance. By choosing a funeral wreath, you are taking part in a centuries-old tradition that embodies the dignity of a life well lived.

Funeral wreath prices - How much does a funeral wreath with a bow cost?

The funeral wreath price depends entirely on your ideas. Click through our offer and get an idea of ​​how much a funeral wreath with a bow costs.

Every life is unique and the honor should be too. Our funeral wreaths can be customized to reflect the personality and passions of the deceased. Whether it's incorporating their favorite flowers or colors, our team will ensure the wreath captures the essence of their journey.

Funeral wreath costs - This is how wreaths are made

Making a funeral wreath requires not only skill but also sensitivity. Our experienced florists approach each wreath with utmost care and understand the emotions involved. From choosing the most appropriate flowers to harmoniously arranging them, every step is taken with reverence. The funeral wreath costs therefore also reflect the quality of the work.

In the delicate fabric of life and death, mourning wreaths weave a thread of honor, love and reverence. At FlorAmor we believe in creating funeral wreaths that honor lives and share memories. Through the language of flowers, we offer a heartfelt way to express compassion, celebrate legends, and find comfort in the midst of grief. Our funeral wreaths stand as eloquent tributes to the journey of those who have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

FAQ - Order a funeral wreath with a bow

- Where can you order a funeral wreath in Vienna?
FlorAmor delivers funeral wreaths in Vienna and the surrounding area. Order in our shop and we will deliver the funeral wreath to the desired address or directly to the cemetery.