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FlorAmor delivers flowers for the wedding in Vienna

FlorAmor delivers flowers for the wedding in Vienna

Whether it's a bridal bouquet, a table decoration or a present: flowers are simply part of a wedding . If you would like to have elegant bouquets or luxurious bouquets delivered to you in Vienna for your big day - or that of a loved one - then you have come to the right place at FlorAmor. Order your desired flowers conveniently online in our shop and we will deliver them to the location of your choice at the agreed time. If we receive your order by 4 p.m., same-day delivery is also possible. Or you can visit us in our store in the Alsergrund district and place your order with us in person. In any case, we look forward to welcoming you to FlorAmor.

With around 250,000 different types of flowers in the world, it is not that easy to choose the right flowers for a wedding, especially since each plant is said to have its own symbolic meaning. So that you don't make a mistake at your next wedding and, for example, give away a bouquet of flowers, order them as a bridal bouquet or decoration that are closely linked to death or mourning, we, the flower trade and delivery company FlorAmor from Vienna, are taking part in this I have created a small guide for you. Bonus: Of course, you can also get the species presented here as a bouquet of flowers from us. Feel free to browse through our large selection!

Wedding flower guide: Yes or No-Go

The best flowers to choose for a wedding depend entirely on what you ultimately want to express with the bouquet or bouquet - it's not for nothing that the saying goes: "Say something through the flowers". Due to their importance, the following flowers can be safely used as a wedding present, for decoration or as a bridal bouquet:

  • Alstromeria – connection, friendship, devotion and affection
  • Aster – attention and respect
  • Daisy – Loyalty, trust and purity
  • Iris – positive message, loyalty and stability
  • Lavender – purity, consent and remembrance
  • colorful lilies – pure heart and love
  • pink, red, purple, white carnations – happiness, gratitude, affection and love
  • Roses – love, passion, gratitude, happiness, elegance and enchantment
  • Tulips – joy of life, fulfilling partnership, love and affection

However, caution is advised with many white flowers, as they are often closely associated with death in this country and are often used as a final greeting at funerals, for example white lilies, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums, but also daffodils, poppies and yellow carnations. It is better to use other flowers or colors to be on the safe side for a wedding.

Do you have any questions about our flowers or special requests that you would like us to implement for you? Our florists in Vienna are happy to help you! Contact us by phone or WhatsApp – we look forward to your inquiry!