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Loop lyrics

Loop lyrics

Ribbon texts mourning wreaths

  • In love
  • Your seat remains empty
  • You always stay with us
  • You will always be unforgettable to us
  • rest gently
  • sleep well
  • Farewell
  • A final farewell
  • See you again in the light
  • You will always be in our midst
  • Last greetings
  • Last greetings
  • Gone from the earth, stayed in the heart
  • Life is limited, memories are infinite
  • Nestled in God's hands and my thoughts
  • Memory smiles even when the heart cries
  • In loving memory
  • One last kind regard
  • One last greeting
  • Thank you for your love and kindness
  • With deep love
  • In eternal love
  • With deep love
  • In deep pain
  • With love and deep pain
  • Love is stronger than death
  • You remain my everything
  • You will remain unforgettable
  • Unforgettable, irreplaceable
  • Last gift of love
  • You will always be in my heart
  • With sincere love and gratitude
  • With love and gratitude
  • Unforgotten in love
  • Even death cannot separate us
  • With unforgettable love
  • In deep sadness
  • On Farewell
  • Forever and ever